Duck Dynasty: We Have to Storm the Gates of Heaven!!


Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson is asking their fans – and those who are not Duck Dynasty fans – to storm the gates of heaven with prayer for a little girl who needs a miracle.


Seven year old Katie Joyce has a brain tumor on her brain stem. The doctors told her parents they need a miracle. And Sadie is calling for believers to reach out and ask for one.

Katie, from Monroe City, Louisiana, was first diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2010, when she was only two years old. Doctors at St. Jude’s Hospital in Memphis, Tenn., operated on her at the time, removing the tumor. She was monitored thereafter with the hope that she would not face a recurrence of the disease. Now, the young girl faces this new challenge.

Sadie asked those seeing the picture to also “write comments of encouragement & if you know someone who needs prayer feel free to write it in a comment & I will pray for all of you as well.”

So how about it? Do you believe in miracles?

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