Debate of Top Ten GOP Contenders (Live Blog)

The debate starts out with a major goof by Trump by refusing to pledge to not run as an independent if he doesn’t get nominated by the GOP.

Dr. Carson promotes his ability to learn.

Sen. Rubio goes into a prepared statement in response to a question that really had nothing to do with the question.

Jeb Bush says that he is his own man, not his relatives.

Megyn Kelly challenges Trump’s misogynist statements. Trump takes a swipe at Kelly.

Sen. Cruz is asked to explain his antagonism within his own party.

Gov. Christie gets off a zinger at the beginning of his first response to a question. Does a good job answering question about his financial management of New Jersey.

Gov. Walker responds to a question about abortion without answering the actual question.

Gov. Huckabee doubles down on his previous remarks about abortion, citing the 5th and 14th Amendments and expressing his disdain for the SCOTUS.

Sen. Paul answers question about his attack on his party in regards to foreign policy.

Gov. Kasich asked why he wouldn’t expand government as POTUS.

Gov. Bush stands by his previous remarks about illegal immigrants.

Trump challenged on his previous remarks about Mexican immigrants. Takes a swipe at reporters. Didn’t answer question. Given second chance to do so. Gets booed by audience when he answers.

Commercial break.

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