Ronda Rousey is a Delusional Feminist!

If you don’t know Ronda Rousey you don’t pay attention to MMA fighting.

Rousey is being portrayed by all the sporting media as the worlds top athlete. The fact that she’s a knockout in addition to knocking people out is just a bonus. In her MMA career she’s got 12 wins and no losses and only one fight – she fights other women – has gone past round one. The sporting news folks want to see her fight a man.

She was asked about fighting men and she said it wasn’t a good idea to have guys punching girls on TV because of the domestic violence thing. “Not saying that I’d lose …” was the money part of the quote.

Here’s some commentary on that.

Are there guys that Rousey could beat? Absolutely. Me for one. But MMA fighters? I’m pretty sure those fights would not be pretty and she’d likely need some serious reconstruction after the fight.

Frankly, as a celebration of all things feminist I’d love to see her get into the ring for a Mens/Womens MMA Bantamweight Belt unification fight.


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