Planned Parenthood Received Millions by Lobbying Hillary’s State Department

Millions of tax dollars. Your tax dollars. Thanks to Hillary Clinton’s State Department you supported Planned Parenthood in their efforts to murder and dissect unborn babies during her term as Secretary of State. You can bet John Kerry is following suit.

Planned Murderhood had major lobbying – and donating – efforts going on from the inception of Barack Obama’s tenure in office. One of their prime targets was Hillary Clinton’s State Department .

As secretary of state, Clinton attacked the Mexico City Policy, which bans federal funding of abortion overseas. Her husband revoked the policy during his administration and President Obama lifted the ban upon taking office in 2009. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), which is tied to the State Department, steered more than $100 million in funding to Planned Parenthood, its international affiliates, and the pro-abortion Population Council between 2010 and 2012, according to the Government Accountability Office—about 20 percent of the nearly $500 million pro-abortion organizations received from taxpayers during that time frame.

$500 million to pro-abortion organizations around the world and $100 million of it went to Planned Murderhood.

Congress is looking at defunding Planned Murderhood, I doubt the legislation they’re considering defunds all abortion related funding but at least they’re looking at defunding the people that we KNOW are literally butchering murdered unborn children.

You should know that Hillary is in full support of Planned Murderhood.

Their mission, the slaughter of the unborn, is supported by every Democrat. EVERY Democrat. Remember that when you think about staying home next November because you don’t like the Republican nominee.


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