While the Dentist Hides, the ‘Italian Huntress’ Flaunts Her Exotic Animal Hunting Prowess.. and more!

If you’ve ever been on a safari and killed a wild animal you’re probably scrubbing your social media accounts of your prized pictures before you have the opportunity to face the wrath of the Twitterverse. The dentist who made a trophy of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe is nowhere to be found. Except he will be, and when he is, he’s in for a rough rest of his life in a Zimbabwe prison.

There is one big game hunter who is working to stand out from the crowd, and that is Sabrina Corgatelli, the “Italian Huntress.” It seems she’s not afraid of a lion or a wildebeest and she’s certainly not afraid of the wimps on Twitter.

Here’s Sabrina on her Instagram page with a wildebeest.


She’s the one with the surgically enhanced lips on the left.

And to say that she’s got no use for the Cecil lovers would be an understatement.


The comments on the page must give her a laugh. It’s interesting that while people are saying nasty things about her, nobody is threatening her. I wonder why that could be?

They’re also not slowing her down.

Since she embarked on her latest hunting trip to South Africa’s Kruger National Park about a week ago, Corgatelli — an Idaho State University accountant who refers to herself as “the Italian Huntress” — has killed a giraffe, an impala, a kudu, a warthog and a wildebeest, according to photos posted on her Instagram account.

From me to you Sabrina, good hunting. I wish I could go with you. And have fun playing with the jerks on Facebook and Instagram.


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