Fast and Furious Enables Domestic Terrorism

The “non-story” of Obama Administration arms dealing malfeasance has now reaped additional bitter fruit via Domestic Terrorism in the United States.

Gun Used in Garland, TX, Terror Attack May Be Linked to Fast and Furious

By Rick Moran, PJMedia Tatler

A gun used by one of the terrorists in the attack on the Garland, Texas, Draw Mohammed contest may be linked to the botched gun-walking operation known as Fast and Furious.

The gun was purchased by Nadir Soofi, who authorities believe was radicalized online by the Islamic State. Incredibly, a seven-day hold was placed on the purchase because of Soofi’s criminal record. But inexplicably, the hold was lifted 24 hours later and Soofi walked out of the gun shop with the firearm.

It appears that the 9MM handgun, bought at a Phoenix gun shop , was identified almost immediately by the Justice Department as one of the firearms associated with the gun-walking program. Ever since then, the government has been trying to cover up the connection.

The 0bama [mal]Administration’s old scandals are still piling up bodies.

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