Black Lives Matter – 9 Shot at Brooklyn House Party

Where’s Jesse? Where’s Al? Where’s Barack and the Justice Department? Where’s the Black Lives Matter crowd that shouted Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley off the stage for the effrontery of saying “all lives matter”?

Do Black Lives Matter? Apparently they don’t matter in Brooklyn, and they certainly don’t matter to New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio.

Saturday night there were four shooting incidents in Brooklyn and thirteen people were wounded. There haven’t been any arrests.

One police source noted, “You have some summer weather, alcohol, and competition for pretty girls, and the guns come out.” We think that’s a very small part of the problem. The real problem in New York City this year isn’t guns, mayor Bill DeBlasio.

New York City has the same problem as Baltimore where homicides are at a forty-five year high. Baltimore’s mayor, just like New York City’s, has distanced herself from the police. Cops in those two cities are pretty sure the political structure in the city won’t have their back if somebody gets shot.

That means the cops wait for things to calm down before they go in. That means more dead bodies. And since nearly 100% of the shootings in these two cities – like every other major city in the US – happens in black neighborhoods that means more Black lives ended.

New York City residents understand the problem.

It’s gotten worse since this new Nursing aide Anne Gordon, 25, who also lives near the scene, seconded the sentiment.

“This was never the best area, but it has gotten worse out here since this new mayor,” she said. “He seems out of touch.’’

And what did Mayor have to say?

Cops guarding de Blasio wouldn’t let reporters get near him at a parade in Queens, but a spokeswoman said Hizzoner “takes very seriously each incident and has directed NYPD to beef up its presence in these areas.

“Overall crime is going down, but Mayor de Blasio will continue to be diligent about preventing crime and locking up criminals,” press secretary Karen Hinton added.

We seriously doubt that Hinton’s statement on behalf of the mayor is going to calm anybody down. The mayor is seen as “out of touch” which is a polite way of saying “he doesn’t give a damn.”

And that is the truth.

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