A World Turned Upside Down

Somewhere along the line the Red Queen, or some other mad creature, seems to have seized control of the levers which move what passes for our society. The most recent example is perhaps the most appalling; the trivialization of the value of human life.

Certainly the culture has been sliding down that predicted slippery slope for nearly three generations, but recent events have clarified it through the lens of irony.

Loving Animals, Loving People

My dog is dying, so I’ve recently had cause to reflect on human-animal relationships…

By Andrew KlavanOn Cuture, PJMedia

Those competing inner visions humans have — other outlooks; conflicting opinions — that’s what narcissists can’t stand; that’s what really offends them. It’s not enough for a narcissistic tyrant that you do what he says, you also have to profess what he believes. It’s not enough that you leave him alone, you have to bake the cake for his wedding too. Narcissists can’t abide the Other. Competing inner worlds drive them to insane levels of cruelty, brutality and even murder. Animals never pose that problem for them. That’s why so many people who preen themselves on their love of animals are such rotten imbeciles when it comes to other humans. The PETA types who assault people for wearing fur, say. Philosopher Peter Singer who believes a baby may be morally killed but not a dog. Such love of animals is not love at all; just narcissism made flesh.


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