SICK: Watch What Jeb Bush Promised Illegals While Giving an Interview in Spanish

The Democratic allies with bylines at CBS This Morning tried to get Governor Bobby Jindal to spout silliness about Donald Trump. He did a pretty good job of turning the tables on them and attacking Jeb! Bush.

Jindal made two excellent points in his answer.

Jindal explained that voters felt deeply betrayed by Republicans in Congress who, after campaigning against President Obama’s illegal deportation stay for minimum of five million illegal aliens, also known as executive amnesty, voted to fully fund it shortly thereafter.
“Right now, they’re frustrated,” Jindal said. “They sent Republican majorities to D.C., and nothing changed. Amnesty didn’t get repealed. Obamacare didn’t get repealed. We didn’t see them actually balance the budget.

In other words – and Speaker Boehner pay attention – we’re sick and tired of the Republican Establishment.

His second point was a broadside at Jeb! who appeared on Telemundo and in an interview in Spanish supported amnesty for illegal aliens. He sent out an email expanding on his position shortly after the CBS interview.

During a recent Spanish-language interview with Telemundo, Jeb Bush called for amnesty for those who are in our country illegally.
I wish I could say I’m surprised. But Jeb Bush has been clear and consistent about his belief that Republicans have to be willing to “lose the primary to win the general.” We just disagree about that.
I am not afraid to stand on my conservative principles. And I’m not ashamed to say amnesty for illegal immigrants is wrong.
Here is what amnesty supporters in Washington on both sides of the aisle don’t understand: becoming an American citizen is not a right granted to those who have managed to hide illegally in our country for just long enough.
We should not and must not reward those who came to this country illegally. We should not and must not be afraid to stand on our conservative principles and defend what has made this the greatest country in the history of the world.

Jeb! is doing the same thing that Islamic terrorist do. Say one thing in English and then another in Arabic to their congregations. The truth is in the comments in Arabic. For Jeb! his truth is to his constituency in Spanish.

Here’s hoping that Donald Trump hurts Jeb!s feelings again on Thursday at the debates.


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