Yes That Black Panther Party Historical Marker in North Carolina MUST Come Down

Did you know that there is a historical marker in Winston-Salem, North Carolina celebrating the founding of a chapter of domestic terrorists and hate group the Black Panther Party? Now there is a petition demanding that the city remove the marker celebrating the hate group.

The marker, situated at the corner of Fifth Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard in Winston-Salem, N.C., was erected in 2012 and celebrates the fact that the state’s fist chapter of the racist group formed on that spot in 1969.

This photo by Bruce Chapman depicts the 2012 unveiling of the historic marker.

The marker hasn’t caused much fuss, really, but after racist black groups have spent the last few months defacing decades old Confederate monuments all across the country and have been demanding that all Confederate history be erased from existence, now there is a move to do the same to this marker celebrating the founding of the city’s racist Black Panther Party chapter.

There is a petition started by Wayne Pearce to eliminate this racist marker in downtown Winston-Salem.

Here is the message that Pearson added to his petition:

We the people call on the City Council of Winston-Salem, North Carolina to remove the a sign located at the northeast corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and East Fifth Street.

Two weeks ago leader former leader of the Black Panther Party along with members of the Black Panther Party were in Charleston, South Carolina and in his speech he called for the killing of “crackers” (White People” and for the killing of “The children of slave owners”Modern descendants of slave owners”.

We the people feel that it is not in the best interest of the City of Winston-Salem or the state of North Carolina to honor such a racist and violent organization

Take the sign down! Take the sign down! Take the sign down!

So far the petition is closing in on 3,000 supporters but it needs 5,000 for action.

And, yes, there is a direct parallel between what blacks call celebrations of the KKK in those Confederate monuments and a celebration of the Black Panther Party. Both are hateful, racist domestic terrorist organizations. If Confederate history is too “racist” to be remembered, then so is the violent, murderous, drug-pushing, hate group known as the Black Panther Party.

In fact, it is arguable that the Confederate States is a more American idea to celebrate than the Black Panther Party. The Black Panthers were never in any way based on an American ideal. As misguided as it was, the CSA was created to better observe American ideals (and the nascent country’s Constitution is practically a copy of the U.S. Constitution). Yes it was a warping of American ideals, but at least they thought they were being American and venerated the founders and our founding ideals. But the Black Panthers hate America, they hate the American way of life, and they hate everything that is America.

Certainly it is good that the race-based ideas that the CAS had have been defeated. But if blacks are against CS historical markers because they are “racist” in nature, then they absolutely do not have a leg to stand on to insist that a historical marker to the racist, terrorists of the Black Panther Party can be excused.

So, yes, this obscene marker should be taken down. Go sign the petition at:

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