You Can’t be an “American” at the University of New Hampshire

The University of New Hampshire just published a “Bias Free Language Guide.” There’s one small problem with it. It’s filled with bias. But what would you expect from a University.

The purpose of the guide is to make sure the little snowflakes who attend UNH are not offended by someone’s language. Let’s be clear, we’re not talking about restricting the word “f*ck” that one’s fine. In a quick perusal of the guide I didn’t find that the work “n*gger” is out of bounds as long as it’s used only by “people of color.”

What’s out of bounds?

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That’s right. “American” is a problematic word. Because it assumes the U.S. is all there is of “America” and those from South or Central America might be slighted. As could Canadians.

New Hampshire’s state motto used to be Live Free or Die. So much for that. I’m pretty sure the UNH student union will be drafting a new motto soon. After all, we can’t have “freedom” and “death” in a state motto. It gives an image of violence and war.

You can read the whole mind-numbing thing at the link above, but you’d better have a strong stomach and large supply of alcohol. Lock up you guns.

Oh, and draw a red line through the University of New Hampshire as a destination for your kids or grandkids. As a matter of fact, set aside an education fund so they can learn to be a welder or a plumber.


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