“A poor excuse of a human being.” “A killer.” “Satan.”

By now you’ve heard about Cecil the lion.  About how he was killed with a bow and arrow.  About how he was lured out of the national park that was his home by his eventual killer, an American dentist named Walter Palmer.  

The dentist is being vilified in social media for the heinous act.  

CNN has details:

Walter Palmer has said he “deeply regrets” killing the 13-year-old lion, who was found shot, skinned and decapitated beyond the safety of the Hwange National Park, where he had been a drawcard for tourists.
The apology has fallen flat on Twitter where the hashtag #WalterPalmer is being used to hurl insults and CecilLionWalterPalmerthreats at the dentist, who allegedly paid at least $50,000 to hunt and kill the animal.
“A poor excuse of a human being.” “A killer.” “Satan.”
Twitter insults were hurled by model Cara Delevingne, actress Alyssa Milano and presenter Sharon Osbourne, who between them have 8.39 million followers.
Osbourne, wife of famed rocker Ozzie Osbourne, also tweeted that she hoped that Palmer “loses his home, his practice and his money…”
All are potentially likely given the flood of comments being posted to the “Yelp” review page for River Bluff Dental, Palmer’s dental practice in Minnesota.
“I needed a tooth extracted, so Dr. Palmer shot me in the neck with a crossbow, chased and tracked me for 40 hours, and (once I collapsed from pain and exhaustion) removed my entire head and skinned me,” wrote Drew C.
Sarah H. wrote: “I’ll admit, a trip to the dentist has never been my favorite, but I can’t imagine a more horrific experience than waking up to realize a penny of my hard-earned money had gone to assist this man in his heartless pursuit of micropenile compensation.”

The outrage storm will likely continue into next week and beyond.  Count on that.

And yet.

And yet these same voices hurling insults at the dentist and wishing the man ill will and worse, are largely silent about another Cecile (albeit with an added ‘e’) in the news and more particularly, the organization she runs.

They voice their shock and indignation at a lion being killed with a bow and arrow and yet are largely silent about babies being killed with blunt instruments in the womb by Planned Parenthood.

They voice their fury and anger at a lion being skinned and beheaded for sport and money and yet are largely silent about baby parts being ripped from the bodies of the unborn and sold to the unscrupulous for money.

They voice their disgust and disapproval at their hard-earned money going to assist a man and his heartless pursuit of animals and yet are largely silent about their hard-earned money going to the federal government who in turn grant half a billion dollars to Planned Parenthood and their heartless pursuit of the unborn.

You think it coincidental that events surrounding a Cecil and a Cecile are making the rounds and that one is garnering much more attention than the other?  You think the juxtaposition of these stories and what that juxtaposition reveals about soicety is coincidental? 

You keep thinking that.

The world is flipped upside down.  Its sense of right and wrong completely skewed.  There is something deeply perverted and distorted about what is taking place and I believe Someone is trying to show us how badly we’ve gone astray.

The story about a dearly loved lion who is skinned and beheaded for sport is rightly upsetting but that story pales in comparison to the story of dearly loved children in the womb being torn limb from limb for money every day. If the former upsets you while the latter does not, understand fully that there is something deeply amiss with your soul.

So deeply amiss.

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