Trump Lowers the BOOM on Hillary and (SURPRISE!) Doesn’t Hold Back [VIDEO]

Donald Trump is nothing if not outspoken. Yesterday he stopped talking about illegal immigration long enough to take on Hillary.

One thing that is very important to note, and you won’t find this in any of the major media reporting, the Inspectors General found four of Hillary’s emails that contained classified information. The media is reporting that as “four out of 30,000.” That’s a lie. It was four out of a random sample of forty emails that the IGs selected.

It’s nice to see Trump talking about something other than immigration, and it’s nice to see him talking about Hillary’s problems for a change.

It’s time for The Donald to focus on the rest of the race, and it’s also time for him to stop beating up on Scott Walker, calling his term in Wisconsin a disaster. It’s not.

So far Trump has been “the mouth that roared,” lets see if there’s any substance there or if he’s just blather. That said, he’s done a good job of forcing illegal immigration to the forefront of the campaign and he’s doing a good job throwing red meat to the crowds over Hillary’s coming legal problems.


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