FBI Recovers DISTURBING Diary of Chattanooga Killer, List of Drugs

The Obama administration and the media have a big problem on their hands. A nice Muslim boy in Chattanooga – according to his friends – murders five US military recruiters for no apparent reason.

Did we mention he was a nice Muslim boy. Devout. Just got back from a seven month trip to Jordan.


So far we’ve seen MSNBC trying to blame guns and the Tennessee “gun culture.” They’re still working on that, but now we’ve got more stuff in play. Drugs, alcohol, bad friends.

Did we mention he was a nice Muslim boy. Devout. Just got back from a seven month trip to Jordan. Oh, of course we did. We mentioned it because you’re not likely to hear it on the major media. Local news mentioned it in passing.

But the plot is thickening. The Obama administration is in either complete denial or complete enabling mode about Muslims and Islam. As the President has gone out of his way to note, the US is not at war with Islam. What he fails to mention is that Islam is most certainly at war with the US.

Exhibit One is the Chattanooga shooter.

The gunman who killed five American troops in a Chattanooga shooting spree last week did online research for militant Islamist “guidance” on committing violence that he may have believed would wipe away in the afterlife his sins on earth including drug and alcohol abuse, an arrest and a lost job, officials said on Monday.

So his sins are forgiven and he gets 72 virgins. Did we mention he was a nice Muslim boy. Devout. Just got back from a seven month trip to Jordan.

The family representative said Sunday that the family told the FBI there were no outward signs of radicalization but added [the shooter] “was susceptible to bad influences” and would be affected by watching news accounts of “children being killed in Syria.” For all his struggles with drugs, the representative said, [the shooter] also struggled with being a devout Muslim.

He was susceptible to bad influences. That’s pretty obvious.

We will be surprised if they find any direct connection to ISIS. They have, however, already found a direct connection to Islam, a brutal cult religion that has been butchering and enslaving their neighbors for 1,400 years.

We know exactly which “bad influences” caused this young man to take up arms against two military recruiting centers and murder four Marines and a sailor.


Of course, the Obama administration hasn’t figured it out yet. Or they have and just refuse to discuss it.

Still, for the FBI, the psychological profile of the disturbed young man does not explain why he chose two U.S. military targets, seven miles apart, for his deadly mission.

As we said earlier, they’re either in denial or in full enabling mode. Honestly, we lean toward the latter.


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