Obama’s Answer to Terrorism Against Our Troops: Have Them Remove Their Uniforms

On the heels of a terrorist attack on two military recruiting offices in Tennessee by a Muslim immigrant, the Obama administration announced a policy change to help prevent future attacks. Was it to finally arm our soldiers? Nope. It was to have them take off their uniforms. No really!

According to the Military Times, Obama’s weak-kneed Defense Secretary Ash Cater approved the decree that recruiters should take off their uniforms while performing their recruitment duties from now on.

So, now recruiters will be wearing…. what, shots and a t-shirt? Or better yet, maybe a burkah or maybe some turban-styled head covering. All in order to cringe in front of Islamic terrorists while pleading, “oh, please, please, Mr. terrorist, don’t kill us.”

Note that Carter didn’t demand that all recruiters be frikking armed so that they might be able to shoot back when Muslims attack.

No, now soldiers are supposed to die at their desks and now don’t even have the benefit of dying in the uniform of their country!

And let’s not even mention that recruiting without a uniform proudly worn by a recruiter puts a serious dent in the whole emotional appeal of recruiting and will make the recruiter’s job harder.

One of the whole aspects of being recruited is that potential recruits have a visceral reaction to the crisp, flashy uniform worn by their guide to the service. It’s part of the whole package to be able to show recruits how handsome, or how sharp and orderly they will look in their own uniforms when they get one.

And now Obama wants to take that away from the services?

Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise. Obama is not proud of our military. In fact, he’d love to see it dwindle to nothing. This just fits with his desire to undermine our armed forces.

Meanwhile, it is taking the actions of some Republican governors to come to the aid of our soldiers even if the Obama administration refuse to do so. Governors Greg Abbott, Asa Hutchinson, Rick Scott, Bobby Jindal, Mary Fallin, and Mike Pence have all issued orders to one extent or another that National Guard recruiting officers shall have arms at the ready if need be.

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