CNN Host Thinks Sociopath Murderous Terrorists are Dreamy

I’ve come to the opinion that CNN commentators are, by and large, sociopaths. Carol Costello certainly is. Her commentary focuses on the idea that the Muslim terrorist who murdered four Marines and a Navy man in Chattanooga was good looking. Just like the Boston Marathon Bombers.

Heaven forbid that Carol should point out that these guys have more in common than the apparent fact that she thinks they’re hot. They’re Muslims. Got that? M.U.S.L.I.M.S. Muslims are a people who’ve been methodically slaughtering their neighbors for 14 centuries. Or putting them in slavery.

This guy, like the Marathon Bombers, were Muslims. There’s no mystery why they commit acts of terrorism.


Oh, and to the other Bubba on that clip, this guy didn’t “go to church.” He went to a mosque. If you’ve missed it, that’s exactly where these guys are radicalized and tuned up to be a butcher. 72 virgins and all that. Again, it’s no big secret. Some people just like to ignore facts.

And then things like this happen. Unexpectedly.

Hey Carol! Maybe you should start hanging around a local mosque. Maybe you could get a hot date.


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