Obama Celebrates Muslim Holiday With the Deaths of Four Marines

Today was a holiday for Muslims. In celebrating the holiday a Muslim in Chattanooga, TN attacked two military recruiting offices and murdered four US Marine recruiters.

The Marines were unarmed because the building they worked in was a “gun free zone.”

The Muslim who shot the Marines – and was killed in the process – was reportedly a quiet fellow and his friends were – ready for this? – shocked! Shocked!!

At the White House the President was notified of the murders by a Muslim terrorist. That didn’t stop him from celebrating.


Let me add, as the father of a US Marine, today’s holiday is a reminder of the importance of sealing our borders and fixing our immigration system so NO immigrants are allowed from Muslim nations. And the importance of having the FBI quick harassing returning veterans because they probably vote Republican or Tea Party followers.

The real lesson to remember here is that Muslims have been murdering and enslaving their neighbors for 14 centuries and they’ve only paused when they were certain they were going to be wiped out.

I’m pretty sure this Muslim scum didn’t get his 72 virgins. I’m pretty sure this piece of crap met all of the Marines who guard Heaven’s Gates on a roundabout road to Hell. He’s probably not there yet. And since I know a thing or two about Marines, when you mess with one you’ve messed with all. When he’s finally delivered to Hell’s fire I’m very sure he’ll need significant medical attention before he burns for eternity.

And from this Marine Corps family Mr. President, may you join the murdering bastard.


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