Church v 2nd Amendment. 2nd Amendment Wins

New York City’s Trinity Church, in a Progressive political fit of epic proportions, took the 2nd Amendment and Walmart to court. They were trying to force a shareholder resolution on Walmart that would ban gun sales in their stores. For the children .

NYC’s Trinity Church sued Walmart to force the retailer to allow shareholders “to vote on the ‘sale of high capacity guns’–i.e., guns which take ‘high capacity’ magazines–as well as ‘other potentially offensive products.’”

Trinity claimed “high capacity” magazines “enabled” gunmen at Newtown, Connecticut, and Aurora, Colorado, to carry out mass killings. And in November, US District Judge Leonard Stark ruled in Trinity’s favor. But Walmart appealed, and on April 8, the Third Circuit ruled in Walmart’s favor.

Trinity seems to think that a magazine somehow “enabled” a complete and total nutcase to commit murder. Did it talk to the shooter?

Trinity is one of those “churches” that long ago gave up any commitment to preaching the gospel of Christ, put aside the Bible, and picked up the Democratic National Committee’s talking points instead.


It was a pretty straightforward ruling, you can read about it in detail at the link, but the bottom line is that the Third Circuit ruled that shareholder whining was the pervue of the Security and Exchange Commission not the Federal Court. It was a nice smackdown.

In light of these things, the Third Circuit ultimately ruled that oversight on these matters belongs to the Securities and Exchange Commission and admitted that the commission is highly unlikely to issue a clarification relating to the omission of shareholder input on the kinds of products Trinity targeted because even Congress has not yet acted in any substantial way against those products.

A clear win for Walmart and for the 2nd Amendment. A clear loss for mommy meddling. We’re confident the SEC isn’t going to touch this with a ten foot pole because it will open the door to every special interest group on earth will by a dozen shares of stock in some company whose practices they disagree with and launch an avalanche of “shareholder proxies.”

Thank you Third Circuit. You folks at Trinity can now go back to banning soft drinks in NYC.


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