The Religion of Peace Strikes Again.

In this case “almost” strikes again. The son of a Boston Police Captain turns out to be an ISIS inspired terrorist for the Religion of Peace and, surprise surprise, he’s also a complete nutcase.

Alexander Ciccolo was plotting to set off pressure cooker bombs at a local college and he was also looking forward to beheading some students live on the internet.

Fortunately, his dad alerted authorities last fall that young Alex was talking about joining ISIS and that he had a long history of mental illness. Muslim, mental illness. That’s a match made in hell.

Ciccolo, 23, of Adams, was charged in a criminal complaint unsealed Monday with illegal possession of a firearm for receiving four guns on July 4 from a person cooperating with the Western Massachusetts Joint Terrorism Task Force. Ciccolo was barred from having a gun because of a drunken driving conviction.

Fortunately, thanks to the family of the terrorist, this one was stopped.


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