Man With Concealed Carry Stops Armed Robbery: AKA: “More Info the Media Won’t Report”

A Kansas man, taking advantage of the new law that Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signed just weeks ago, stopped the robbery of the Topeka Academy Sports & Outdoors this week.

All three of the robbers were caught and all the stolen merchandise was recovered.

The department released surveillance camera images on Friday that appear to show the teens holding handguns with bandanas over their faces during the 2:44 p.m. stickup. Police say they fled the scene in a stolen white 1996 Dodge Intrepid, and officers told the Capital-Journal they located the teens with a female accomplice at around 9:30 p.m.
But Tapley impeded the robbery suspects on their way earlier Friday, he told the local TV station. He and a cousin were buying ammo at the 1133 SW Wanamaker Rd. outlet when he says he saw the masked apparent thieves piling up weapons from the store’s racks and running away. The good guy with a gun chased after them into the store’s parking lot, yelling “Drop the guns!” and warning that his weapon was loaded, he says.

All in all, a good day for the good guy with the gun, a bad day for the bad guys with guns. Just how it’s supposed to work.

Oh, and we can chalk up another one against Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action who live in a bubble of anti-gun lies.

One serving of crow coming up.


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