New York Times Approves of Illegal Immigrant Murderers

The New York Times Editorial Board completely departs from any sense of reality today in an editorial on illegal immigration and illegal immigrant criminals. They did start out some some facts.

Kathryn Steinle was killed on a pier in San Francisco on July 1, allegedly by a troubled immigrant who had a stolen gun and a long criminal history and had been deported five times.

The first problem here should be a slight modification of that sentence for the sake of truth, a rare and inconvenient commodity for the NYT. It should read as follows:

allegedly by a troubled immigrant by an illegal alien who had a stolen gun and a long criminal history and had been deported five times, and admitted to the murder before he lawyered-up and pled not-guilty. Before he was released by the San Francisco Sheriff, a Progressive who believes with all his heart in Sanctuary Cities, ICE issued a detainer for the criminal alien so they could deport him again.”

There, FIFY.

Next, they made sure you know that opposition to Sanctuary Cities makes you a vicious racist.

The shooting has turned the usual American tensions over immigration into a frenzy. The accused, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, has become the dark-skinned face of the Mexican killers that Donald Trump — in a racist speech announcing his presidential campaign …

Got that? Racist!

They don’t just stop there. Next we move to the idea that Sanctuary Cities are simply balancing civil rights with the Constitution.

Lost in the screaming were the sound reasons that cities and localities shun the role of immigration enforcers. They are balancing public safety with a respect for civil rights and the Constitution. San Francisco had received an ICE request, called a detainer, to hold Mr. Lopez-Sanchez, but detainers are unconstitutional; a person can’t be held without charge just for ICE’s convenience. Turning the local police and sheriff’s deputies into de facto ICE agents heightens fear and distrust in immigrant communities, which makes fighting crime harder.

Ummm, no. First of all, the screaming comes from your side, trying to defend the Mexican murderers coming over the border that the Obama administration keeps open. Second, the illegal alien in question had the detainer so ICE could charge him and remove him. Oh, and what part of “illegal” alien don’t your get?

As far as “making crime fighing harder,” that’s an oxymoron in this context if there ever was one. Since when does releasing known criminals onto the streets make crime fighting easier? And as far as the “immigrant community” being concerned about calling 911 because they’re afraid to be deported, well, tough. If they don’t like living in crime infested neighborhoods of their own making they should go back to Mexico.


Had the Sheriff simply responded to the detention request from ICE, in all probability Katheryn Steinle would still be alive.

Katheryn was unavailable for comment.

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