STANDING ROOM ONLY: Donald Trump Takes Phoenix By Storm

Donald Trump came to Phoenix yesterday and it turned out to be a major event. He was scheduled to speak at the Biltmore Resort to a few hundred people. Less than three hours after the event was announced, the Trump campaign had over 4,000 RSVPS and they had to move the event to the Phoenix Convention Center.


That’s The Donald in Phoenix. You don’t see pictures of Hillary’s crowds because when she speaks a few hundred people show up. The press has to manipulate the crowds to get a picture that’s not empty.

Yesterday the temperature in Phoenix was around 105F – it’s July people, it’s hot – and the line to see Trump at the Convention Center stretched around the block, people waited for several hours to hear him. Some protesters showed up, but they were outnumbered about 10 to 1.

Here’s some of what The Donald had to say, he was introduced by a gentleman whose son was murdered by an illegal alien.

Right now Donald Trump has catapulted onto the national stage as a “one issue” candidate. That issue? ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION .


We don’t have a reliable estimate of the turnout, people on the Left are saying 4,000 and we’ve seen reports of up to 20,000. We’re pretty sure it was somewhere in the middle of that, but we do know for sure that Hillary would KILL for Donald’s crowds. And, we do mean KILL.

Trump has really hit a chord with Americans. Democrats are begging for illegal aliens come to America because they see them as future Democratic voters. The Republican establishment is cheering the flood as well, they see them as a force to push wages down.

Mainstreet Americans actually know better because we see the impact of illegals on the economy, and it’s made worse by the Obama economic policies that Republicans refuse to fight. Mrs. Curmudgeon and I saw the impact of all this just yesterday afternoon. We went to the grocery store.


Right now Donald Trump is resonating because Americans – the real people in flyover country – are hurting because of the flood of illegal immigrants and it really seems like Mr. Trump is the only person on the national stage who gives a damn.

We don’t know how long his campaign is going to surge, you can bet the “long knives” are out for him. But right now Donald Trump is making all the right people nervous.



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