IT’S RACIST!! It’s All About SLAVERY!!! Bring it ALL Down!

There is NOTHING that isn’t racist and a remembrance of the good old days when privileged white! Americans could own slaves. At least until the next election, everything is going to be about slavery and how Republicans are responsible for it.

The Confederate battle flag is gone (except as my computer desktop), statues of Confederate war heroes are being taken down, names of buildings will be changed. The Left is going to try – and given their control of both academia and the media they may well succeed – to remove the Civil War from American history.

We’ve already heard calls to take down the Jefferson Memorial and to change the name of Washington, DC. There are people mumbling about getting rid of Old Glory too.

The latest symbol to fall prey to the victim class is the fleur de lis. It’s the state symbol for Louisiana and emblazons the helmets of the New Orleans Saints football team. By the way, it was declared the state symbol in 2008 by that racist Republican Governor, Bobby Jindal.

This is going to be a constant drumbeat for the sole purpose of making sure black voters are suitably enraged over stuff that happened 300 years ago so they’ll forget the fact that Democrats have them on a government run plantation of slavery to welfare today.

We’re just getting started. Oh, and the demand for “reparations” is coming, and this time you can expect establishment Republicans to support it. It’s only fair.


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"Blind to any nobility"