BLAM! Rob Lowe Humiliates “I Hate Americans” Pop Star With Brutal 12-Word Response

Ariana Grande, a 22-year-old-twit pop singer has had a tough week. We reported on the firestorm on social media when she licked and spit on doughnuts in a California doughnut shop.

She went to YouTube to apologize, we’re not linking to it because we don’t link to stuff we consider phony. “Sincere” is what all of us do when we’re sure nobody is watching. Her comments in the doughnut shop are the “real” Ariana, the crap she’s putting out now is nothing but PR panic and fixit.

If you absolutely need to abuse yourself you can find her “apology” at YouTube.

The latest person to pile on, YAY!, is Rob Lowe. And he did it classic style.


Let’s remember what happened to the Dixie Chicks after their anti-American outburst…


Here’s hoping today’s little twit, Ariana, pays the same price for her stupidity and her America-hating attitude.

Just so we’re clear, we’re all about free speech. We have no problem with Ariana or the Dixie Chicks saying anything they want to say. What they aren’t bright enough to understand, and what Liberals refuse to acknowledge, is that there is sometimes a price for free speech.


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