OPEN THREAD: Come on… is Trump SERIOUS?

Consider this the weekend’s open thread.

But first….

So, Trump is surging in the polls–for what ever that might be worth this far out from primary Election Day.

For one thing, what he is saying about immigration is 100% correct. Obama has opened up the gates to allow the dregs of every foreign country south of our border to dump all their criminals, sex offenders, their uneducated and skilless husks of humanity to stream here and destroy our country. Obama is doing this for two reasons. Number one to tear down the country. Number two to make all these low lives instant Democrats when he issues his amnesty. And the latter is only a means to make a permanent Democrat majority so he and his ilk can perform the former and further tear down the country.

So, Trump is warning America about all of this and he is surging in the polls because of his honesty and forthrightness.

But…OK…so, what?

Does this mean he is still going to be a serious candidate three month, six months or a year from now?

My guess is that before too long his motor mouth will wear on people and his poll standing will plummet. Plus when people who don’t know much about Trump begin to find out how many times he’s contradicted his current stances, that will probably cool the ardor of a lot of voters, too.

Is Trump a serious long term candidate? Is he really in it for the long haul? Will he be a contender? I’d lean towards saying “no” at this point.

What do you all think?

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