Hollywood Star Smacks Down Confederate Flag Whiners

Some people think the PC crowd have just overdone their hurt little feelings with regard to the Confederate battle flag. And some people are striking back.

As for the first category, pro golfer Bubba Watson caved and is replacing the Confederate battle flag on his Dodge Charger with an American flag.


Some people, like us, would think Bubba done went and changed his name. Like maybe to “Ascot” or something. “Ascot Watson.” The Ivy League crowd of Perpetually Offended would approve.

And as for the crowd willing to strike back, count Hollywood star Kevin Sorbo at the front of the line. Sorbo is best known for TV’s Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and the recent movie God’s Not Dead (a great movie, by the way) went on a classic rant on his Facebook page.


Turns out that Keven’s fans appreciated his comment. Maybe the nation isn’t lost. On the other hand, maybe Keven will never work again.

What do you think about all this, and especially, what do you think about Keven’s comment?


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