5 GOP Governors May Refuse to Obey Obama’s Global Warming Rules

Five Republican Governors are cooperating in a 10th Amendment-styled, states rights bid to defeat Obama’s un-Constitutional global warming power grab. The five are saying that they may simply ignore his edicts and refuse to implement his rules. Is your governor joining them? If not, why not?

Two of the GOP governors rattling their sabers are presidential hopefuls, so this issue just might become a national issue during the upcoming primary season.

The five governors who are warning Obama that they will simply ignore his power grab are Mary Fallin of OK, Greg Abbott of TX, Mike Pence of IN, and presidential candidates Bobby Jindal of LA, and Scott Walker of WS are also part of the group.

Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell (R, KY) has also spoken out about Obama’s power grab and urged state lawmakers to refuse to implement the rules.

McConnell started a campaign earlier this year with a letter urging governors to shun Obama’s power grab.

In a letter to the states, McConnell said that Obama’s EPA is going well beyond their authority.

“The fact is, it is the EPA that is failing to comply with the law here,” McConnell wrote. He also said that the EPA is going “far beyond its legal authority” and the states would be on firm legal grounds to ignore the agency’s demands.

We need to see the states refusing to obey our out of control federal government more often!

If your governor is not joining these five governors, ask them why not.

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