Latest Organization To Drop Trump – You Won’t Believe It

Donald Trump created a real stir when he made his announcement for President. His biggest problem? He told the truth.

Trump is absolutely right, Mexican illegal aliens and illegals from other countries who are coming through Mexico are a crime wave and the only thing they contribute to the United States is a dramatic rise in crime and welfare cost. The truth just doesn’t sit well with the ruling class these days.

A number of organizations have dumped all ties with the Trump organization because of his comments. The latest is what, just a few months ago, was thought to be a “red-blooded American sport,” NASCAR.


The people who run NASCAR seem to have forgotten who their base is. NASCAR started in the South, and last month they banned the Confederate battle flag from NASCAR events. This month it’s anybody who takes a stand against illegal immigration.

NASCAR is the latest corporation to distance itself from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.
On the same day one of its top sponsors called on NASCAR to take a stance against Trump, the motorsports series said it will not hold its season-ending awards ceremony at the Trump National Doral Miami.
‘We looked at everything we saw coming down and what we heard from our sponsors and our partners and what we feel we should be doing, and that’s what led us to the decision today,’ NASCAR spokesman David Higdon said Friday at Daytona International Speedway.

The media and the left, but I repeat myself, are on a campaign to paint right leaning groups and politicians as “racist” and any other negative portrayal they can find. There’s an election coming up next year and they’ve got a field of really weak candidates – Hillary included – who need all the help they can get.

We just never thought we’d find NASCAR at the front of the list of people helping them.


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