Iran Won’t Allow Inspections – US Doesn’t Care

We’re pretty sure that the Obama administration and Secretary of State John Kerry not only don’t care if Iran gets nuclear weapons, we think they want them to have nukes.


Why else would they stay at the bargaining table when Iran’s leaders refuse to accept inspections .

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has accused the US of creating “myths” about his country’s capability for nuclear weapons.
The Ayatollah’s statement came as a senior commander in the Revolutionary Guard said international inspectors would be barred from military sites under any nuclear agreement with world powers.
Speaking in an address on state television, General Hossein Salami, deputy leader of the Guard, said his military would respond with “hot lead to those who speak of it” and warned against Iran becoming “a paradise for spies”.
He added the country “will not roll out the red carpet for the enemy”, believing any inspection would expose “military and defence secrets”

.Iranian officials have been clear about inspections from the start and that hasn’t stopped Obama from removing virtually all sanctions from the terrorist state. The Iranians would object to our characterization of them as a terrorist state, they think they know who the problem is.

He added: “The source of threat is America itself.”

We also think that could have come from the mouth of either John Kerry or Barack Obama.


And they’re working overtime to fix that problem.


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