The Only Greek With Any Money Left is Offering it to Naked People

And it’s not what you’re thinking, shame on you. If you’re going to consider this, make sure you get paid in dollars or in gold bars. No Euro and certainly no Drachma.

Billionaire Alki David of Greece has offered up $250,000 to the first person willing to strip down to their birthday suit an go streaking in front of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. His quarter million dollar offer is part of some PR scheme to gain hype around a new documentary (‘Lord of the Freaks‘) about Alki David, which is good PR strategy, because even though he’s a billionaire I’ve never heard his name until now.


No, that is not your faithful Curmudgeon. And he won’t be collecting the quarter mil. Why?

Under Illinois law, one conviction of public indecency is considered a Class A misdemeanor which carries with it the potential for the imposition of jail time for up to one year as well as a fine of up to $2,500. While this sentence is at the extreme end, it goes to show that Illinois treats public indecency charges very seriously, and all Illinois residents must be aware of what is at risk if convicted of public indecency.

Somehow we think that Mr. Emanuel would take serious umbrage at the sight of someone running past him in the nude. Unless maybe it was Kate Upton. They’ll go for the max, and we seriously doubt it’s worth a quarter mil to spend a year in Cook County Jail.


Nope, not gonna do it.


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