Matt Stonie! “An AMAZING Moment in Sports!” and on the 4th of July

If you don’t know Matt Stonie you don’t know … well … hot dogs. Stonie won this year’s Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog eating contest. In a close match, broadcast by ESPN, he defeated last year’s champ Joey “Jaws” Chestnut by two dogs.

Needless to say, animal rights protesters were present but they didn’t dampen the celebratory mood of the crowd.

On question about ESPN’s commentary, “two incredible athletes“. They’ve apparently broadened the definition of “athlete” to the point where an old Curmudgeon with bad knees, flat feet, and a grouchy attitude could qualify as an “athlete” in some “sport.”

If you’re not familiar with Nathan’s Famous contest, here’s some history for the annual Coney Island event.

Legend has it that the first-ever hot dog eating contest took place on July 4, 1916 between four immigrants arguing over who was the most patriotic. James Mullen, an Irish immigrant, won by eating 13 hot dogs in 12 minutes and the Fourth of July tradition was born.

Rumor has it that this story is urban legend. In true Curmudgeon style, we don’t care. It sounds too good to check.

Happy 4th of July weekend, have a hot dog or 60 for lunch! A Nathan’s of course.


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