A $6 Million Dollar Pick-Up? Where are Democrats Howling About “Income Inequality”

Really, a $6 million pick-up truck. We’ll just show it to you.

It was up for auction, top bid was $50,000. Since there was a minimum bid, we don’t know what the minimum was, it didn’t sell.

When we first saw the headline about a $6 million pick-up we thought the story was about Kim Kardashian. Frankly, we like this one better.

As for Democrats and “income inequality,” we’re shocked they didn’t show up to protest. The SEIU should have been out in force. Really, how could a minimum wage worker afford something like this and should people even be allowed to build/own something a burger flipper at McDonalds can’t afford?


And while we’re on the subject, how come they’ve never complained about Kim Kardashian’s lifestyle?


Really, does she work as hard as that McDonalds burger flipper? No. And she doesn’t contribute as much to society either.

Rant off.


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