They must NOT speak, publish, circulate, or communicate opposition in any way

Chilling news coming our way via the Weekly Standard, as to the Oregon cake bakers who refused service to a lesbian couple:

Despite losing their business and facing a hefty fine they can’t afford, the Kleins continue to stand by their Christian convictions and fight the ruling. However, the state just finalized the ruling against the Kleins and added a new wrinkle. According to the state, the Kleins are now forbidden from talking about the ruling against them. Here’s the relevant portion of the decision…


The piece goes on to cite the fact that it’s an elected official forcing this ruling on the Kleins, and forcing the gag order.  An elected official, not a judge.

Please let that sink in.

This should send chills up and down the spine of every thinking American.  Every thinking American.  This would, by default, exclude those flying Skittles banners though the hope is that something like this might change a mind or two.

Serious hope.

Carry on.

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