Confederate Flag Supporters are Beaten by Mob. Hate Crime?

If a bunch of thugs had attacked and beaten a group of peaceful Muslims carrying an ISIS battle flag, or a group of New Black Panthers waving a Black Panther flag, the Obama Department of Justice – Civil Rights Division would have hundreds of FBI agents and lawyers on scene. This was about a mob attacking supporters of the Confederate battle flag, so … crickets.

The local police did show up, and in force. About 50 officers responded and got things contained before it really got out of hand.

The Confederate battle flag controversy isn’t likely to go away any time soon. Major retailers can stop selling it but we’d guess that will only increase demand. You can bet small business and the internet will fill the gap.

People who have “Confederate blood” in their veins aren’t going to let Amazon’s decision to stop carrying the flag stop them from getting it.

NASCAR may “ban” the flag, but we doubt they can control their fans.

We still, sort of, have a 1st Amendment. Certainly Democrats and the far left of all stripes are doing everything in their power to rewrite it so no one’s feelings are hurt, but at least for a while free expression is still your right. At least until someone makes the case to an Obama appointee that the Confederate battle flag is the equivalent of shouting “fire” in a theater.


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