“I have the best of intentions, but end up falling short…”

Profile photo flag pledge wars have broken out on Facebook.

There are a plethora of Confederate flags, American flags, and since Friday morning’s SCOTUS decision redefining marriage, quite the number of rainbow flags.  Many Catholics (including yours truly) have responded to the latter by flying and pledging to the Vatican flag.

Why you might be asking?  

Monique Ocampo answers the question and in doing so, speaks for me:

Why do I choose to “pledge allegiance” to this flag as opposed to the other flags I showed here?
Because before anything else, I am a Catholic. I’ve said before that I see being Catholic as something bigger than myself. It transcends beyond my gender, my race, the kinds of people I find attractive, and VaticanFlageven the fandoms that I obsess over. The Catholic Church is the glue that binds the pieces of me together. Like Peter, I have a horrible tendency to let my passions overrule being sensible, which ends up with me coming off like a thick-headed idiot. I have the best of intentions, but end up falling short because of the actions I choose. And yet, Jesus chose Peter to be the head of his Church, the foundation that would give way to an entire legacy of popes and bishops and priests who worked hard to make the Church what it is today.
The Church is by no means perfect. Neither am I, for that matter. But through Christ, the Church and I continue to improve and grow. Like Paul, we are filled with a zeal that drives us to go around the world proclaiming the Gospel. We have a missionary spirit that can’t be stopped. We may not say what everyone likes to hear, but at the same time, these things need to be said. Jesus chose Paul, a man who spent time persecuting and killing Christians thinking he was doing the right thing. After his conversion, Paul preached compassion, but he also preached about having integrity.
So when you see this flag over my face, know that I am not doing it to set up some kind of us against the world dichotomy. I’m doing it to show who my heart ultimately belongs to. I pledge allegiance to the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church.
*Mic drop*

Love this.


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