An Example of How the Media is Lying About the Confederate Flag

The current flap over the Confederate flag has two very interesting features. One is that the debate over the flag is completely divorced from the incident that supposedly spawned it–the nine murdered in a Charleston church. And two, it is notable for the fact that the media is lying about the flag’s history by making the Confederacy out to be a “Republican problem” instead of more properly a Democrat one.

While Democrats and their media lapdogs run around attacking the Confederate flag in support of the nine murder victims of the AME church in Charleston, the fact is the flag has nothing at all to do with the attack. Many have noted that the whole debate is a total distraction, certainly, but it is a distraction with a point and that point is in my second reason for this debate. Clearly the goal is to drum up a fake issue with which to attack Republicans.

One of the more fitting example of this effort to paint Republicans as the Party of the Confederacy is in a Monday piece by The New York Times’s Michael Barabaro and co-author Jonathan Martin.

The Monday piece is entitled, “5 Days That Left a Confederate Flag Wavering, and Likely to Fall,” and the entire article is a skewing of history in order to foist the controversy of the Confederacy upon the Republican Party–yes, the very party that fought against the Confederacy.

The most revealing paragraph is the article’s fifth.

The stunningly quick collapse of support for the Confederate flag has been told largely through the public pronouncements of one governor, Nikki R. Haley of South Carolina, who persuaded the legislature to reconsider the flag’s prominent perch on the capitol grounds. But behind the scenes, powerful forces–capitalism, Christianity, social media, college sports and a Republican Party eager to extricate itself from the past–were converging. Within five days, decades of resistance in South Carolina, a state that had held fiercely to its Confederate identity, fell away.

The key segment of this paragraph is this: “But behind the scenes, powerful forces–capitalism, Christianity, social media, college sports and a Republican Party eager to extricate itself from the past…”

Anyone who actually knows any history at all would suffer from a bit of whiplash by that outright lie.

Where is the lie? Well, it isn’t the Republican Party that is the party that needs to “extricate itself from the past.”

The fact is, it is the Democrat Party that is the party of slavery and racism, the party of rebellion, the party of civil war, and after the war the party of Jim Crow, oppression, lynching, and murder. NOT the Republican Party!

Without the Republican Party there would have been no end to slavery, there would have been a split country, and no passage of civil rights in 1963.

Yet here we have the media saddling the very party that fought against slavery–the party that supported the negro–and attempting to smear that party with the black mark of the Confederacy!

It is an outrageous sleight of hand that proves that the media is little else but an arm of the Democrat political machine with the objective not of reporting the news but spinning the news in favor of the Democrat Party.

Sadly there is another segment of the country that is just as eager to allow this attack to go on un-remarked upon and are, in fact, joining the far left in using the issue to smear the center right. That would be the fellow travelers among those who claim to be Republicans who are jumping on the Confederate flag banning bandwagon.

These clueless jackasses are not “doing what is right” but are instead handing the enemy the very club with which they will be beaten.

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