VIDEO: ISIS Throws Four Gay Men From a Roof to Celebrate the SCOTUS Decision on Gay Marriage

OK, it probably didn’t have anything to do with the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage, but this is how Muslims treat homosexuals.

Obviously the video didn’t show the men being tossed, just queued up to be tossed, but this is Muslim country so you can be sure they were tossed.

The scene was watched by hundreds of moderate Muslims.


Which reinforces our point that a “radical Muslim” will kill you and a “moderate Muslim” will find a radical Muslim to do the job.

It also reinforces our point that the Progressive left in the United States is the most hypocritical group on earth.

They’ll demonstrate and demonize the right in the US over issues like gay rights and women’s rights and yet they support Islamic regimes all over the world that execute homosexuals and mutilate their women.

If we were wealthy, we’d organize a “cultural exchange” with Progressive groups on US university campuses and send them for summer internships to Iran and Libya.


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