Sickening New ISIS Video Shows Caged Prisoners Drowned in a Swimming Pool, Shot With an RPG and Blown Up With Explosive-Filled Necklaces’

ISIS are Muslim terrorists and butchers. They’re following the same recipe Muslims and Islam have been using for 1,400 years – butcher or enslave your neighbors. If you had any doubt about their brutality this will remove it.

ISIS released a seven minute video that filmed them butchering people in Mosul. Mosul is a city that was freed from earlier terrorist control with the blood of United States Marines and soldiers only to be given back to a new group of terrorists by Barack Obama.

In one scene, a group of men are caged and lowered into a pool of water. ISIS used expensive underwater cameras to video the terrified men as they drowned.


In another scene ISIS locked a group of men in a car and shot the car with an RPG, burning the men alive.


Finally, ISIS takes a group of men into the desert, forces them to kneel and wraps detonation cord around their necks. The “necklace” is then set off, literally blowing the mens’ heads off.


And then there is video of a man being forced to dig his own grave.

It’s good to know that Barack Obama doesn’t consider ISIS to be Islamic terrorists. After all, they’re just the JV team. God help the world if the varsity ever shows up.


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