CNN Special Report – ISIS Supports Gay Pride Event

Lucy Pawle called into CNN to report an ISIS battle flag with “distinctive lettering” and Lucy seemed to be the only one who noticed it.

She did note that the lettering on the flag didn’t appear to be Arabic.

We’re going to stop here and note that CNN is a “major” news network. They employ legions of fact checkers and editors and not just anything gets on the air. It has to be vetted. It’s not like they’re your faithful Curmudgeon, sitting on his couch in his jammies typing and munching on breakfast.

No sir! CNN does only legitimate news.

Now, back to the story. And we’ll give the scoop to our friends at Twitter.



CNN left the headline up, but they took down the video. With no explanation. Heck of a job guys and gals. And make sure your editor gets a bonus.


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