Cops Say Female Teacher Victimized 18-Year-Old Male With Sex, Naked Selfies

A 29-year-old female teacher is out on $5,000 bond after being arrested for having sex with an 18 year old student in Pennsylvania. The first thing we’d note is that if this was a 29-year-old male teacher with a female student the bond would probably be $500,000.

The teacher, Megan Clough, is a “learning support teacher” at the local high school and she allegedly was sleeping with the student at her home. After having sex with him she sent him nude pictures through Snapchat.

Clough is charged with “institutional sex,” a charge usually filed when the victim is at least 18 but still a student. Needless to say, the nude pictures got around the school like wildfire.

Clough will potentially be fired and we seriously doubt any criminal charges will be filed. After all, she was just helping a young man sow his wild oats.

Women raping boys, especially women teachers raping boys, is an epidemic. Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit, has a long running series called TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE! Here’s a glimpse.


Note that there are 38,400 results on that search, and while certainly not all of them – although we didn’t check beyond the first couple of pages – are female teachers raping their male students, you get the idea.

The shame of this is the way these women are treated in the criminal justice system. Few of them receive serious prison time, even if their victims are in middle school. For instance, the Second May 8, 2015 entry above highlights a town where five women teachers were arrested THIS YEAR for sexually assaulting boys from 13 to 15.

Hopefully we’ll start seeing some “equal rights” from our courts and these women rapists will start doing the same kind of prison time that a man would do if he was raping his female students.


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