Ex-Boyfriend Has His Girlfriend Beaten-Up and Posts it on Facebook

Where would we be without Facebook? This story even made the local news.


There’s always more to a Facebook post than meets the eye, and this one has at least two sides.

The beating happened on Christmas Eve, and you saw Willis’ side of the story. The woman who allegedly beat her, Cheyenne Fisher, had this to say.

Cheyenne Fisher, 21, told CNN affiliate WCPO she struck Willis in a mall parking lot, but she claims it was in retaliation of Willis hitting her first.
Fisher claims the incident began after Willis, 19, wouldn’t return the vehicle she loaned her. Fisher also told WCPO that witnesses at the scene, including Willis’ ex-boyfriend Quincy Gardner, didn’t start recording until Fisher fought back.
“She’s hollering, cussing him out, cussing me out, then charged at us,” Fisher told WCPO. “We didn’t plan on fighting or anything — we just planned on going, getting my car, and leaving.”
Fisher claims she sent several texts asking Willis for her car back.
“I didn’t really punch her or anything – I just slapped her up and pretty much put fear in her heart,” Fisher told the CNN affiliate.

Fisher and Willis’ ex-boyfriend,Quincy Gardner, were both arrested in the incident and the charges were put before a grand jury. Gardener was released on his own recognizance and Fisher was held on a $25,000 bond.

Oops. Well Cheyenne, you got your 15 minutes of fame. This is a lesson in the old family adage, “When you hang around with scum, you get scummy.” We’d guess none of participants in this mess learned that lesson.


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