Vatican Signs Peace ‘Treaty’ With Non-Existent ‘State of Palestine’

Those criticizing Pope Francis as the “Red Pope” have yet another reason to rail against him with the announcement that the Vatican has signed a new peace treaty with the “state of Palestine” despite the fact that no such state exists not to mention that the Palestinians are a terror group whose chief goal is to kill all Jews–a goal the Palestinians have steadfastly refused to change.

The AP reports today that Vatican Foreign Minister Paul Gallagher signed a treaty with the terrorist state of Palestine in order to “help stimulate peace with Israel.”

Israel said that it regrets the move saying it would tend to discourage the Palestinians from returning to direct peace negotiations with Israel and warned that it would study the agreement “and its implications for future cooperation between Israel and the Vatican.”

The Vatican’s Gallagher, though, said he hoped the Vatican’s move “may in some way be a stimulus to bringing a definitive end to the long-standing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which continues to cause suffering for both parties.”

But how stupid is that? Why would the terrorist state of Palestine see any need to negotiate with Israel if it is getting its way with outside agitators like this Red Pope? After all, why negotiate and possibly have to compromise when you can use outside agitators to push your terroristic policies?

So, placating terrorists will get them to change their mind? No, Red Pope Francis, it won’t. It will just convince them that their star is on the rise and that all they have to do is push harder for their goal: the death of all Jews.

Do you agree that all Jews should be killed, Francis? Seems like you do because what you have done, Pope Francis, is to give the green light to kill Jews. Your fealty to your left-wing political ideology over your religious duties just made the world a more dangerous and genocidal place.

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