Toddler Dies From Ear Infection – Parents Charged With Manslaughter

Parents of a Pennsylvania toddler who died from an ear infection have been charged with manslaughter.

Ebed and Christine Delozier are apparently opposed to medical care and prefer homeopathic remedies. The toddler had reportedly never seen a doctor. The autopsy indicated the girl was dehydrated and malnourished.

Interviews with the parents revealed their reluctance to modern medicine, state police said. While being interviewed in March, Christine told investigators that Hope had never seen a doctor or received vaccinations before. The report said Hope was born at home without the use of a midwife.
Christine also told investigators they had no money to pay for medical treatments.
According to the police report, she and her husband had been trying to give Hope herbal treatments after Hope started to show symptoms of an infection, a few weeks before her death.
Ebed said his decision to not seek medical attention was based on lack of money, as well as his religious and personal beliefs.

Lack of money? What about the expansion of ObamaCare and Medicaid? If they were poor they could have gotten “free” medical care for their daughter.

This will be an interesting case, pitting the rights of parents against the demands of the state. There are lots of people who wrongly believe that vaccinations cause a myriad of things including autism. They refuse to vaccinate their children. They are also typically not poor or religious, they’re typically very well off and very liberal.

The question we have is this, if these parents are found to be libel for their child’s death from an ear infection, will that translate into prosecuting people who refuse to vaccinate their kids?

Since the anti-vaxxers tend very left and can afford excellent lawyers and get time on Oprah, we doubt it.


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