How Do You Rate on Deadly Sins?

H/T to the Washington Weekly News for this gem.

Researchers at Kansas State University studied the Seven Deadly Sins and mapped them out in the US. The results are interesting even if their methodology can be argued.



Greed comes first because we found the distribution to be most interesting. The calculation was based on comparing the average incomes with total numbers of people below the poverty line.

The “most greedy” areas? For the most part they are areas with heavy concentrations of Democrats or areas where Democrats are moving to get away from the economic result of liberal policies.

California, Seattle-Portland, Boston-NY corroder, and Chicago. The areas where freedom used to be important so the left is fleeing into them to escape the result of their policies include Arizona, Denver, and Florida.

The next one is probably the most interesting finding.


This one was calculated based on the number of fast food restaurants per-capita.

We were shocked at this one because of the drumbeat about America being an “obese nation.” Maybe the “average” is just fat.

We’re calling it quits at number three, you can follow the link for the rest.



Envy was calculated based on the total number of thefts.

Again, lots of Democrats, lots of theft.

We’re not sure the methodology is really good enough to draw any conclusions, but it is an interesting conversation piece.


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