Direct from Charleston: “You’re a Cracka. Crackas. We Niggas, Y’all Crackas”

Breitbart Texas editor Brandon Darby was interviewing bystanders outside the AME church in Charleston where the mass murder took place. Things got a little heated when the name calling started. To paraphrase Judy Garland, “Crackas and Niggas and cops! Oh my.”

Standing near the space that President Race Baiter called “sacred space” Sista Solove weaves the latest conspiracy theory related to the shooting.

“He (alleged killer Roof) was sent. He was sent. The KKK ain’t nothing but the police with badges now. That’s all they are. They took their hoods off and they’re police. It was an inside job.”

After what seems like endless rambling, Sista gets to the point when Darby asks her what going to come from all this.

“Race war. Race War. Us against them.

This same fool was screaming behind the scenes during a CNN broadcast with black reporter Don Lemon.

We happen to think Sista is as big of a nutcase as the AME shooter, whose name we will never type. We also think she could well find an audience in the “black community.” They’re desperate. That’s the only reason we can fathom why they’d consistently – although not this time around – choose to make heroes out of young, black, thugs who die breaking the law.

God forbid that the “black community” would have a role model like Clarence Thomas or Thomas Sowell or Sheriff David Clarke. Oreos and Uncle Toms all.

We doubt we’re looking a race, for a number of reasons. First among them is that some in the “black community” are old enough to remember 1968. Black militants started a race war, they were the only casualties, and the communities where the fighting took place still haven’t rebuilt.


This time around if the National Guard gets called in they won’t be the “weekend warriors” from ’68. This time the NG is battle-hardened troops who’ve fought house-to-house combat.

Next, Barack Obama will do everything in his power to stop a race war because it won’t serve HIS purpose. He was supposed to be The One bringing racial healing. A race war wouldn’t look good on his record. He’ll push for that if a Republican gets elected next November.

In addition, the Democrats need minorities angry so they’ll get out and vote 150% for the Democratic nominee just like they did for Barack.

So no, we don’t expect to see a race war. Yet. But we do expect to see the Race Industry, and in particular President Race Baiter, working overtime to keep the pot stirred for the next year-and-a-half.


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