If You Needed Proof That Muslims and Their Sharia Law Are Barbaric …

Sharia Law is the Muslims idea of taking Koranic Law and imposing it on society in general. Muslims want Sharia Law above all else everywhere they immigrate, including here in the US.

With that as a baseline, remember, those Muslims want to live in the US, but they want to live under Sharia Law. Here’s what that means in very real terms.

In Iraq, just north of Mosul, a young man was caught after stealing something. We don’t know what, and we don’t know the circumstances. But ISIS handled it under Sharia Law. The same Sharia Law those nicely dressed and well spoken Minnesota Muslims want imposed here in the US.

After sentencing, the man was blindfolded, his wrist was tied with a tournequet and his hand was chopped off with a meat cleaver.


This image, and more, were posted on ISIS Al-Hayat Media Center, and are titled In the name of God the Merciful. According to one report ,

Men and young boys of all ages are actively encouraged to gather and watch the punishments. An Islamic State fighter then reads out the charges found against the victim before the punishment is carried out in public. All forms of blasphemy against Islam are punished by execution, even if the accuser chooses to repent of their sins.

That is precisely what Muslims have in store for you. Don’t kid yourself for one second about how well spoken they might be or how well educated. Or the idea that only some Muslims fall under the sway of so-called “radical Islam.” There is no other kind.

Please note that in any picture you find where Sharia Law is being carried out there are but a few armed men, likely ISIS, in the midst of thousands of ordinary citizens. And those ordinary citizens are usually cheering their heads off (no pun intended) while “offenders” are burned alive or stoned to death or mutilated.


Around the time of 911 there were jokes about playing “cowboys and Muslims.” Unfortunately, somebody called off the game before it was over.


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