Giant Bully Picks the Wrong Fight …

Sociologists and educators should watch this video at least 100,000 times. It tells them everything they need to know about how to stop bullying.

Barack Obama’s federal government, through their website, has a whole laundry list of things to do to stop bullying. Here’s our favorite:


A mission statement! Rules!! Communicate! Tolerance! Acceptance! Respect! More meetings! (Your tax dollars paid to post that.)

We’re sure this was put together by a whole building full of “educators” who all hold PhD’s in Education. We spend a lot of time around people who hold PhD’s in Education (day job is at a University) and we can tell you from experience that it takes a fairly large room full of PhD Ed’s to get to a triple digit IQ.

Want to stop bullying? You don’t need a mission statement or rules. You do need to build a culture of respect though, and here’s how to do that in less than 15 seconds and no meetings or school administrators are required.

Nothing builds a culture of respect like a good right cross. This guy isn’t likely to be picking on anybody again for a long time.


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