Remember the ObamaCare Website? It’s Still Not Finished. Your Money & Personal Info Are at Risk

The most tech savvy administration ever strikes again. Everybody just knew that Barack Obama was a tech hero because he carried a Blackberry around. Turns out it takes a little more than that to be a tech wizard. OK, it takes a lot more. You’d think the ObamaCare roll out would have been the clue, but the left isn’t that bright.



First we had the website roll out disaster. It turns out the back end of the website still doesn’t work. That’s the part that manages the payments to the insurance companies. Oh well.

Latest on the tech front, the Chinese hacked into the Federal Office of Personnel Management database and surfed around in there for at least year. If you’re a federal employee, and maybe a member of the military or a veteran, the Chinese know more about you than your spouse does. A lot more.

And, it turns out that all of your ObamaCare information – your medical histories and all that stuff – is open to any enterprising hacker. We’re shocked.

All that may concern you, but it’s not a big deal to the insurance companies or the Obama administration.

The Obama administration is making billions in payments to health insurers under Obamacare without calculating the exact amount companies are owed, according to a federal audit released Tuesday.
Obamacare’s premium subsidies are paid each month directly to insurance companies, to ease the burden of health coverage to eligible customers in the health law’s government exchanges.

In other words, the Obama administration just guesses at how much the insurance companies should get and writes them a check. You can bet your last dollar they aren’t being underpaid.

Here’s what the Inspector General had to say.

“Because CMS has not developed the systems to obtain enrollment and payment information on an enrollee-by-enrollee basis, CMS cannot verify the accuracy of the nearly $2.8 billion it authorized for financial assistance payments during our audit period.”

Remember, we had to read the bill to find out what was in it. Just like the fast track trade legislation Republicans are trying desperately to ram through the Congress without reading.


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