Hillary’s Numbers Continue Their Downward Spiral

Hillary is not having a good campaign. As we predicted. We’ve been saying for over a year that she’d peak on the day she announced, and we’re feeling pretty good about that one. Her second announcement isn’t likely to get her close to where she was at her first announcement and that was no prize.

Hillary’s problem is that everybody knows her. There’s not much she can say to win over “undecideds,” all she can really do is piss off the edges of her supporters. Too far to the center (and she’s a loooooooooong way from the center) and her base either stays home or votes for Bernie. Too far to the left and the “independents” abandon her. No upside for Hillary.


And to reinforce the point we have actual campaign reporting, of course it’s from the UK and our friends at the Daily Mail, on current polling.

Polling data collected this month by Vox Populi Polling in the six battleground states most likely to determine the 2016 presidential election show that Clinton trails a generic Republican candidate by 1 percentage point overall.

It’s true we don’t run “generic” candidates – although Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney fit that description pretty well – she’s going down. Monica where are you when Hillary needs you?

Clinton’s negatives are indeed high. Fifty per cent of active voters in the swing states of Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio, and Virginia told pollsters that they have a negative impression of her. Just 42 per cent view her positively.
Similar numbers emerged on the question of whether voters see her as a sympathetic character who shares their values. Fifty-one per cent said no, compared with 42 per cent who said yes.
A majority of swing-state voters also have trouble trusting Clinton: Just 44 per cent said they do, while 51 per cent said they don’t.

And we’ve saved the best for last.

The survey oversampled women, who made up 54 per cent of the respondents. Democrats, too, were over-represented compared with Republicans. In a more balanced 2016 electorate, Clinton’s fortunes might be even worse.

The best part of all this mess is that Hillary’s got a lock on the Democratic money machine. The Three Stooges currently running against her – Bernie Sanders, WhatsHisName the Former Governor of Maryland, and Jim Webb – don’t have enough campaign cash to have a meeting at Starbucks.

Given the certain drip of bad news that will coming on a monthly basis – Hillary emails, Clinton Foundation money, who knows what else – she’s not in a good position when her biggest problems are “trust” and “honesty.” We haven’t even gotten to her incompetence as Secretary of State.

We wouldn’t want to be in Hillary’s pant suit right now. Or anytime for that matter. On reflection that seems to be one opinion we share with Bill.

Hat Tip to jim_m from his comment here.


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