Liberals Demand MTV Star and Hubby be Arrested!! They Have a GUN!!!!

Taylor Wright and her husband uploaded a picture onto Facebook and the tolerant left is demanding they be arrested. Here’s Tayor, hubby, and new baby. This isn’t the offending picture.


The bambino is about one month old. And here’s the offending picture.

TW Gun

It’s an exhausted daddy, fast asleep with his little baby in a bouncy bed. Oh, and on the night stand …


Yeah, let’s get CPS involved. That one-month-old is in grave danger.

We remember when our second son came home from the hospital. He’d been home a few weeks and he was upstairs taking a nap. The two year old was playing in the living room. I heard a crash and ran into the living room to find a broken lamp. “What happened, ” I asked #1 Son. He looked up at me with purity only a two year old can muster and said, “Effie (#2 Son is “Ethan” #1 called him “Effie”) got out of his crib, crawled down the stairs and broke it. He crawled back upstairs and got back in his crib.”

Of course we believed #1, and if Effie could do that we’re sure that this little one could navigate getting up to the night stand and firing that gun.

Where’s CPS when you need ’em.

We’ll note that while we’ve not seen Taylor’s MTV reality show (and don’t plan to) we do like her a lot. When the heat came for the gun on the night stand she noted that the safety was “ON” and the baby couldn’t even crawl let alone have enough grip strength to pull the trigger. (Our kids were obviously much more advanced.) And she added this .

[Taylor] thinks the only real danger is having the gun locked away. She reminded us about her 2nd Amendment rights, and added, “By God I will unload on somebody if they break in and try to hurt me or my family.”

Good for you girl.


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